Join me for a 28-day challenge that will get you AND your significant other back in balance mentally, physically and spiritually.

October 14th - November 10th, online

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Your body and your health are incredible gifts.

They're the foundation for everything else you do in life.

When you're in balance your relationships, career, finances and emotional well-being will prosper.

If you don’t master your body and your health, money, career success and positive relationships are MUCH more difficult to create. 

And, it’s nearly impossible to create the healthy lifestyle you want if you're trying to do it alone.

The New York Times reports that the health of your relationship is inextricably linked to the health of your body.

Research shows that 80 percent of people believe they're more likely to fit in exercise and stick to their routines if they partner up. 

Even better, a study from the University of Pittsburgh reports that women who exercised with someone else lost a third more weight than those who hit the gym solo.

But, this is no surprise. 

I'm sure you've experience how tough it can be to try to make lasting health changes alone.

There are those days where you intended to exercise, but put it off for another time because you're the only one motivated. 

Or those nights where you feel like you have to prepare two separate meals just to keep the peace — so you give in and just eat what everyone else is eating.

Well, imagine having a significant other who valued health and nutritious food as much as you. 

Wouldn't it be easier to reach your goals? Be more fun? Be something that brings you together instead of pushes you apart and creates conflict?


I created an opportunity for you to get back in balance mentally, physically and spiritually with your significant other.

It's a 28-day challenge that lays out a fun, effective & realistic path for taking your body and your health to the next level – TOGETHER.

Here's How It Works:
Every Sunday afternoon you'll receive an email from me that lays out the weeks challenges as well as a meal plan with 5 plant-based recipes and a grocery list. 
The focus is on making quick and simple shifts each day that add up over time.

The Shifts You'll See As A Result of Participating:
There are 4 pillars we focus on that guide our actions:
  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Spiritual
  4. Relationship

See These Physical Shifts
With a combination of daily exercise and plant-based dinners you'll likely notice:
  • Low energy ---> More energy
  • Energy highs and crashes ---> A constant stream of energy throughout the day
  • Overweight/Underweight ---> Optimized weight

See These Mental & Spiritual Shifts
By adding just a few minutes of daily meditation you'll likely notice:

  • Negative thinking ---> More positive thinking
  • Disconnection from self & purpose ---> Deeper connection with self & purpose
  • Monkey mind ---> More focus
  • Impatience ---> More patience
  • Agitation ---> More peace of mind

See These Shifts In Your Relationship
By taking on the practice of daily acknowledgements and participating in the relationship-building challenges you'll likely notice:
  • A deeper appreciation for one another
  • More connection with one another
  • Increased patience with one another
  • More support in the direction you want to go
  • More peace at the dinner table
  • More acceptance towards one another


Like you, I've been frustrated with all of the competing health trends and regimens out there.

.....And the ones that are made to work in a bubble where it excludes everyone you live with and doesn't take into account a practical schedule or lifestyle. I mean hey, we all enjoy going out with our friends and dining at restaurants, right?

That’s why I created a solution that is simple, effective, and based on fundamental common sense principles.

With this 28-day challenge, you’re not clicking through digital books and contemplating a beautiful shift — you’re actively transforming your mind, body, kitchen + relationship, with self-care rituals, assignments + recipes that garner nearly-immediate results.

If you both commit to this program with your whole heart — and agree to shelve any self-doubt or fear, for just 4 weeks of playful experimentation — you will experience tremendous results

I’m talking natural upswings of energy, optimized weight, better sleep, clearer skin and a closeness and appreciation for your significant other that's deeper than anything you've felt before.

You’ll feel more centered, courageous, confident  + supported — because you’ll be fueling yourself with clean, conscious, super-charged food and will know not only how to take better care of your body, but also each other.

There's no question about it: you'll both be thriving.

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Weekly Action + Inspiration Emails

The core component of the challenge comes via email on Sunday afternoons. Within each email you'll find your daily checklist for you and your partner's to-dos. There'll also be a healthy dose of education and inspiration via audio files and short videos. They'll always promote personal growth and help you begin taking action now.

Weekly Meal Plans

Each week on Friday you'll get a weekly meal plan with 5 dinner recipes and a complete grocery list. You'll have the weekend to go to the store or shop at farmer's markets to get great deals on seasonal items. The recipes walk you step-by-step through the food preparation and you'll be able to create meals all week long that everyone will enjoy and feel good about.

Educational Videos & Resources

I'll be providing you will educational videos that will give you insight on how to take care of yourself for the long-term. You'll walk away from this program knowing about alkaline foods, digestion, cleansing and other healthy lifestyle practices that will further cement your shift. 

Relationship-Building Challenges

A major part of this program is making positive change not only for yourself, but with someone you care deeply about. Inevitably this will take some work and a few changes in the way you relate with one another. I've weaved in relationship-building challenges to help you both grow and usher in the positive shifts that you both want to see in your lives. A healthy relationship can change the world!

Access To Our Private Facebook Group

You'll have access to a private Facebook group to connect with Back To Balance participants from around the world. I'll also be posting photos and answering questions live from the news feed.

My Complete Attention + Devotion

I've set up structures to help you implement and get the most out of this program. This includes my personal support for the entire period of the program. You can post comments on Facebook or send me an email, and you’ll have an answer — within 24 hours.

What are you TRULY receiving?

A life transformation that goes beyond food. This is physical, spiritual, emotional + intellectual growth. A whole-soul rollercoaster ride — with an insanely happy ending for you and your significant other.


3-Month Yoga Meals Subscription

To help you keep the healthy momentum going after the challenge comes to a close, a 3-month subscription to Yoga Meals will kick in. Yoga Meals is a plant-based meal planning service that delivers 5 dinner recipes and a grocery list to your inbox every Friday.

Guide To Eating Out

You'll notice that there are 5 recipes provided each week. What about the other two days? Well, realistically we don't eat dinner at home every night. We go out, we socialize with friends, we have parties. These things are enjoyable and encouraged! With this guide you'll get tips on how maintain your goals while still having fun and being away from your kitchen.

Soaking & Sprouting Guide

To help kickstart a new kitchen practice that activates important enzymes and makes food more digestible you'll receive a chart that explains how to soak and sprout, nut, seeds, legumes and grains.

Acid/Alkaline Charts

During Back To Balance you'll learn how important it is to eat a primarily alkaline diet. Problem is most of us are not familiar with what foods are alkaline and what food are not. With these three fridge-worthy charts you'll be able to make the best choices at-a-glance.

5-Day Juice Cleanse

We cover how important cleansing is in the program and with this bonus you'll get a copy of the 5-Day Juice Cleanse. It's a carefully crafted 99-page downloadable e-guide that walks you step-by-step through the process of detoxifying your body with delicious vegetable & fruit juice blends. When done seasonally it helps your body function better, feel cleaner, look more radiant and appear younger.


Over the 28-days I'll be sending you and your significant others plant-based meal plans for two complete with grocery lists, short inspirational + educational audios and videos, and helping you to incorporate small self-care practices into each of your daily routines. We'll be measuring the results so you can see your progress. And you'll have access to a whole community of people who have the same goals as you both do....all for less than the cost of one nice dinner for two.

When you add up all the individual parts for this course the total value is over $1,000. However, the actual investment is much, much lower. 

To join me in this one-of-a-kind 28-day program where you and your significant other are actively transforming your mind, body, spirit + relationship the investment is $97.

And the truth is, if you value your health, your body and your relationship you won't want to go another day without learning the basic practices taught in this program that will help you both function more optimally, feel more whole and look more radiant.

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"My husband and I are enjoying the ease of preparation of all your recipes! And, they are so tasty."
-Cheryl Chaffee | Yoga Teacher 
"I just want to say THANK YOU Ashley. My gratitude is not only for the WEALTH of knowledge provided but for the obvious graceful intentions that you have towards all of us."
-Lauren Bachorski
"What a life changing experience! Ashley has designed a program that is manageable for someone on the go, yet incredibly powerful and impactful. Throughout the entire process, I felt like I had the tools and support to get the most out of the program. This program, unlike many others that I've researched, was not about a quick way to lose weight or feel better, but was part of total physical, emotional and mental cleanse and the entire program supported that goal. I felt very safe going into it, knowing that I was part of a community that was working to better themselves. This was such a great experience and I plan to participate again!"
-Arden Schuman | Assistant Director of Employer Relations
"Ashley brings clear and radiant brilliance to her programs. She’s a no-nonsense transformational coach and has the capacity to take her participants into deep, rich conversations that create not only self-realizations but also the momentum to self-actualize. I highly recommend Ashley to anyone truly committed to the life they say they want."
-Dr. Rosie Kuhn | Author of Self-Empowerment 101, CEO
"I really appreciate how you distill information down to core concepts. As a 36 year-old woman going through breast cancer treatment and seeking to make lifestyle changes, the guidance on your site has made the beginnings of my health transformation infinitely easier. Please keep doing what you're doing - I love it!" 
-Stephanie Bradley | Adolescent Drug Prevention Program Analyst



I'm here to support you and your significant other in being the best versions of yourselves — mentally, physically & spiritually. 

This means that I firmly stand behind the integrity and value of every single offering here at So much so, that I offer a money back guarantee for up to 30 days after the purchase date.

If, for whatever reason, you decide you're unhappy with what you've purchased and learned, you have until 11:59pm PST on November 12th to contact me (with proof of purchase) for a refund. I'll cheerfully do everything in my power to make things right.

See, you have nothing to lose!


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Who is Back to Balance best suited for?

Back To Balance is perfect for you if you and your significant other are...

•   Committed to having a REAL, honest relationship — with yourself — and you’re willing to practice and stretch yourself to make it happen

•   100% certain that Ashley and her style is an excellent fit to help you create the results and satisfaction you desire
Self-motivated, resourceful and fast to implement

•   Committed to taking consistent action and being responsible for your own results

•   People who welcome a challenge

•   Open to new experiences and improving your physical & mental health and well-being

•   Ambitious and willing to do what it takes to live an extraordinary life

Back To Balance is not for you (at least not right now) if you and your significant other are...

•   Looking for a magic pill to fix your problems

•   Not clear what you want

•   Often negative or blaming outside circumstances for your results

•   Have trouble making decisions or need constant hand-holding

•   Unwilling or unable to participate in moderate physical activity

•   Convinced that “nothing ever works,” that everything is “so complicated,” and that the resources you legitimately need are “too expensive”

•   Cynical about the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Do we have to go vegan or vegetarian to do this challenge?

Nope. You're encouraged to eat the plant-based dinner recipes provided in the weekly meal plans, but you're free to eat meat, dairy, etc. at other times throughout the day. 

The goal is to give you both a realistic opportunity to add more plant-based meals into your diet and see how it feels. Generally what happens is that you begin to notice positive shifts in the way you look and feel and the other meals begin to fall into place on their own over time. 

For me personally, I am not 100% vegan or vegetarian. However, I still eat mainly plant-based meals. I've gotten to know my body more through the process of getting back to my natural state of well-being and strive to give it what it's asking for as much as possible – which is usually plants and easily digestible meals.

My significant other and I don't live together. Can we still do the challenge?

Yes! In the past, over 30% of people who participated in a couples-oriented program did not live together and were able to complete the work. 

While there's no denying it would be easier when it comes time for dinner to be in the same place, it's not impossible to work a schedule out amongst each other or make the meals separately.

The "together work" can be done over the phone.

And remember...where there's a will there's a way!

Do I have to do this with someone I'm dating or married to?

Nope. This challenge is meant for two, but — above all else —is meant to be done with someone you care about or spend a great deal of time with. 

Feel free to try it with:
•   Husbands/ Wives
•   Boyfriends/ Girlfriends
•   Brothers/ Sisters
•   Coworkers
•   Roommates
•   Best friends

Are we going to lose weight during this challenge?

First and foremost, Back To Balance is not primarily about weight loss. The main goal is to reestablish healthy routines for overall optimal health and vitality of you and your significant other. 

Weight loss is often one of the side benefits that often occurs when you switch to eating more plant-based meals, implement a regular exercise routine and take better care of yourself in general, but it occurs differently for every single person.

Keep in mind that weight loss is always greater among those who actually to need to lose weight. The body always wants to find it’s ideal balance which is why different things work for different people and not everyone will have the same results following the exact same plan.

Are there any special kitchen equipment items or other things we need to participate?

Nope. The plant-based meals will use equipment that you likely already have in your kitchen. There are no other special things you need to participate fully.